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One of the main functions of both the conventional as well as Islamic commercial banks is to take the deposits from the general public for the purpose of finance to Industrialists, business class and the people who are already rich in general. However, people who are poor and marginalized are deprived of taking finance from the Islamic banks. Therefore, it is argued that, Islamic banks are unable to cater the micro-entrepreneurs, marginalized clients including small and landless farmers and hence unable to contribute towards the socioeconomic wellbeing of the society.

On the other hand, conventional microfinance banks have become the sole and significant players of providing access to credit to underserved low income people however, this credit is interest based, as the same emerges through loan contract. Therefore, the time has now come for the Islamic banks in Pakistan to ponder upon the wellbeing of the marginalized people of the society and to help them keeping away from Riba which is prohibited in the Holy book of glorious Quran by establishing Islamic Microfinancing banks including Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that will contribute towards the objective of poverty alleviation, generate employment opportunities and enhance economic growth in the country through inclusive Islamic financial products.

In this perspective, the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) with an objective to enhance research opportunities in general, and to reduce the gap between academia and industry in particular, is organizing the 3rd International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance which provides a platform among academics, Shari'ah scholars and practitioners to share and synthesize their theoretical, empirical and field related knowledge regarding establishment of Islamic micro, small and medium financing banks and also shed light on the Islamic perspective of corporate social responsibility.

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4th International Conference on Experiential Learning

Within the  insatiable quest of humans to evolve, learn and outthink themselves in this ever changing ever evolving world, lays the driving force behind a simmering revolution that is ready to storm the educationists of the 21st Century.  As we gear up to face these dynamic challenges, the leaner and educationist alike, are ready to adapt vibrant and newer methodologies for learning and growth. Where the conventional classroom-based educational methodologies are becoming increasingly ineffective, perhaps the future lies in the past. The time tested concept of Experiential learning in professional disciplines such as business, education, engineering and media offers greater avenues for invigorating the learner of today and tomorrow.  If you think you are at the leading edge of Project-based, Problem-based or  Activity-based learning, then come and share your experience with us at IoBM where an organza of like minded professionals awaits you.


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Annual Conference on Social Sciences (AICSS)-2019

College of Economics and Social Development (CESD) is a well-established school at IoBM. CESD has initiated a call for research papers in all areas of interdisciplinary social science studies. The annual international conference of social sciences (AICSS) is scheduled on January 28-29, 2019 at IoBM. CESD welcomes survey papers, case studies, academic articles, quantitative and qualitative scholarly research articles.

Objectives of Conference

This conference provides an opportunity for academicians, practitioners, consultants, scholars, researchers and policy makers with diverse background experience to present their papers in the conference organized by CESD at IoBM. Conference committee highly encourages doctorate (PhD) and postgraduate students to present their research articles.

Theme of the Conference: Geo-Political, Economic, Educational and Psycho-Social Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century



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Shahjehan S Karim Social Entrepreneurship & Leadership Conference

The First Shahjehan S. Karim Social Entrepreneurship Conference (SSKSEC 2018) is a two-day conference that brings together scholars, researchers, students and practitioners to discuss emerging concepts and explore topics in social enterprise, innovation, sustainability and impact. The conference, the largest academic gathering of its kind in terms of research paper submissions, is dedicated to the ongoing development of theory and research on social entrepreneurship and its impact on global communities.

Our Mission

SSKISEC aims to connect potential social entrepreneurs with academicians, advisors, incubators, successful social entrepreneurs and leaders, investors, donors, CSR personnel of companies and banks and civil sector organizations to help create sustainable social enterprises that may bring an impactful and long term social revolution in Pakistan.

We also aim to encourage students to be a part of this great social revolution in the country and contribute to the change in social sector dynamics of Pakistan through sustainable social startups in the areas of education, health, environment, and poverty & violence alleviation.

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International Conference on Islamic Banking & Finance

Islamic banking was initiated in Pakistan in the year 2002 with an objective to offer not only interest free financing solutions as compare to its conventional counterpart interest based banks but also to contribute towards the wellbeing of the society through its 1st tier products of Mudarabah and Musharakah which ensures price stability, unemployment reduction and economic growth that leads to socioeconomic development in the country.
It’s now time to reassess and reevaluate the socioeconomic impacts of the existing products of Islamic banking industry in Pakistan and try to shed some light as to why Mudarabah and Musharakah have not been implemented as yet? What are the obstacles faced by Islamic banking industry in implementing these products? What would be prospective and/or possible solution to these problems? Is it better to move forward from Islamic Banking to Islamic Trading Houses to implement 1st TIER products of IBF?


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International Conference on Mathematics, Actuarial, Computer Science & Statistics

The objective of this intellectual forum is to invite papers related, but not limited, to the contemporary trends and issues in the fields of Mathematics, Actuarial, Computer Science and Statistics. In this regard, scientists, industry experts, researchers, academicians and research students are welcomed at IoBM's campus who will present original research initiatives. It is foreseen that the event would work as a bridge and would strengthen links between industry and academia in all fields of research and innovative ideas.

In addition this conference provides opportunities for the researchers and participants to bring and exchange new ideas, innovative practices, unique solutions and application experiences in respective fields. These conferences provide a forum for researchers to present their work on various aspects of aforementioned domains.

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2nd IoBM - AMDIP Faculty Colloquium 2017

IoBM-AMDIP Faculty Colloquium (IAFC - 2017) is being jointly organized by Institute of Business Management (IoBM) Karachi and Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan (AMDIP).

It has been designed as a platform for sharing the undergoing profound changes in the business environment, also impacting higher education. In an environment of increasing accountability, it is important that business school focus on appropriate high-quality inputs (human, financial, physical, etc.) and the outcomes of those inputs within the context of the business school’s mission. There should be continuous emphasis on business schools to integrate assurance of learning into their curriculum management processes and produce intellectual contributions that make a positive impact on business theory, teaching, or practice. Impact also has a broader meaning in that the business school, through the articulation and execution of its mission, should make a difference in business and society globally. This calls for persistent efforts to improve standards. We invite faculty members to participate, experience and learn from gurus of academia.

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International Conference on Islamic Finance - Practice, Regulation and Sustainability

Islamic finance is increasingly gaining momentum on the global scene as a viable alternate financial system, grounded in its strong fundamentals risk sharing and asset backed financing. The current asset-base of global Islamic finance industry (IFI) stands at around 2 trillion US$. In Pakistan Islamic banking industry has shown significant progress since its re-launch in 2002. At present, the Islamic banking industry has acquired 11.4 percent share in assets and 13.2 percent share in deposits of overall banking industry. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is among the few regulators who have introduced a comprehensive legal, regulatory, and Shari'ah compliance framework for the Islamic Banking Industry.

SBP's recent study findings reflect that there is a huge potential for further development of Islamic banking in Pakistan and a significant proportion of demand lies amongst those who are still financially excluded, most important being the low penetrated agriculture and SME sector.

Government has also been keen and committed towards promotion of Islamic Banking as has been evident from the reforms and development measures on legal, regulatory and taxation frameworks, liquidity management ,conversion of government debt into Shari’a compliant financing, Islamic capital market, Modaraba sector, and capacity development initiatives conducted by its steering committee.

Broadly, the overall Islamic Financial Ecosystem is sailing smoothly towards the development of mature, well-formed and complete financial market - as evident in the Sukuk Issuances from sovereign and corporate entities, Takaful, Mutual Funds, Banca-takaful and other wealth management offerings. Nevertheless, the rapid growth of Islamic finance has also necessitated a need of strong risk management function, prudent corporate governance and transparency. The unique risks embedded in Islamic Banking model solicits strengthening and customization of the prevalent International risk management, stability and capital adequacy frameworks to ensure stability and sustainability. Properly exploiting the unique features of Islamic finance with appropriate adaptability, and without compromising principles of sharia (Islamic law), will be critical to the growth and promising future of the Islamic finance industry.The onus lies on the academia and practice to pursue a collaborative research endeavour to develop innovative solutions while maintaining authenticity enshrined in the Shari'ah Ideals.

The conference provides a platform among academics, Shari'ah Scholars and practitioners to share and synthesize their theoretical, empirical and field related knowledge directed towards the development of Islamic Financial System along the dimensions of financing solutions, risk management, regulation and stability of IFIs to accomplish the aspired economic and sustainable development.

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IoBM-AMDIP Faculty Colloquium

IoBM-AMDIP Faculty Colloquium


IoBM-AMDIP Faculty Colloquim (IAFC) has been designed as a platform for sharing of experiences resulting from innovative faculty engagments with stakeholders such as  management, students, society, industry, and  faculty of other departments and institutions.  The colloquium format include a balanced mix of presentations , panel discussions, and workshops by the experts of their respective fields.  This event invites experienced resource persons from abroad and across Pakistan to share their knowledge with the young faculty members, therefore, making an impact of their learning at large.

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International Conference of Business & HR Management-2017

As we look forward to next year, we reflect on the long history of IoBM conferences and anticipate the wonders. Of course, the world is different now from each year when we’ve held our previous conferences, but the need for Human Resources practitioners to come together and connect remains constant. The International Conference of Business & HR Management  reflect ongoing research interests and contemporary concerns in international human resource management. We expect that our conference in 2017 will continue this fine tradition, providing a space for discussion and an environment for relationship building.

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The State of Pakistan’s Economy

Conference Aims and Objectives

To bring together leading academicians, researchers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research about the Pakistan Economy: Issues And Challenges in the 21st Century. It also provides a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in Pakistan.

Call for Contributions

All authors are encouraged to contribute through submission of their research abstracts, papers. Also, high quality research contributions describing original and unpublished conceptual, constructive, empirical, and theoretical works are invited.

Conference Proceedings

All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed and published in the Pakistan Business Review (PBR) and indexed in the Google Scholar, Scopus and Thomson Reuters. The conference abstracts and proceedings, CD and certificate of presentation will be distributed to the conference participants.

The Conference offers the opportunity to become a sponsor or exhibitor by downloading and filling in the Conference Sponsorship Request Form.

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The 2016 International conference on “Water Management, Opportunities and Challenges in 21st Century

March 09, 2016.

The Water conference will provide a platform for water professionals to address contemporary challenges by sharing experiences, case studies, practical applications of technological solutions, and management strategies that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water and wastewater systems as well as examine issues related to municipal and industrial water sustainability and urban planning. The presentations in the Water Conference aim to identify suitable technologies, processes, systems, and approaches to solve various issues faced by water practitioners worldwide


The Water conference 2016 continues to sustain the dialogue on a wide range of topics along with ten themes:

  1. Water Policy , Planning And Governance
  2. The political economy of water
  3. Agriculture and Water Issues
  4. Flood and Drought Management
  5. Energy and water.
  6. Water and Wastewater Security in Pakistan
  7. Water Quantity and Water Quality Issues
  8. Urban water management and challenges
  9. Water and environment
  10. Water conservation

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission deadline    :               26th December 2015.

Paper submission deadline        :               31st January 2016.

Paper Acceptance Notification    :               14th February 2016.

Registration of Authors            :               24th February 2016.

For more information visit:


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2015 International Conference on Women in Development (WiD)

The aim of the conference is to bring together academics and researchers of related disciplines to redress gender inequality, reduce the gender gap, and formulate a pedagogy which instills critical selfhood and consciousness in women and to promote higher education and skill development in women of the Conference.

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International Health Management Conference

Health should be the first and foremost priority of any growing nation. The ongoing paradigm shifts of global competitiveness, environmental changes, health regulations, patient-provider interaction, health human resource training and development needs and more over rapid medical and technological innovations are transforming health management organizations.  Health care industry requires change managers and leaders who can be ready to adapt and envision the change.

Health care industries in Pakistan are operating in scattered segments. The concept of ‘REVIVING SUSTAINABLE TRENDS ‘ revolves around the need for bringing about a progressive change in health care through mutual support and cooperation.

The conference will feature renowned health care leaders from both international and national fronts focusing on collaborative strategies for the progress of health management.

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International Conference on Entrepreneurial Engineering

To disseminate entrepreneurial engineering solutions for overcoming the energy crisis and for technical and economic evaluation of various energy solutions with special emphasis on renewable sources.

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